600-17: Reservation of Conference and Meeting Space

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Delineates requirements for use of UCSF facilities available to provide UCSF community members and eligible non-University groups conference space.


This policy delineates requirements for use of UCSF facilities available to provide members of the campus community and eligible non-University groups with meeting and conference space.


A. Each Facility determines priority assignment and specific criteria for University users, external profit and non-profit entities, and public service organizations

B. Events sponsored on campus shall be reviewed according to liability and risk factor by facility manager and insurance may be required of non-University groups.

C. Some non-University organizations may need to obtain co-sponsorship from a campus department and should be referred to Community Relations for assistance.

Available Facilities

In addition to departmental conference rooms and classrooms/lecture halls, meeting facilties are available at these sites, each with separate guidelines governing use priority, capacity, cost, serving of alcoholic beverages, etc.:

1. Faculty/Alumni House - 745 Parnassus Avenue (at 5th Avenue)

2. Millberry Union Conference Center - 500 Parnassus Avenue

3. Aldea Center on Mount Sutro - 155 Johnston Drive

4. UCSF Library - 530 Parnassus Avenue

5. *Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF - 1675 Owens

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