200-31: Alcohol Policy

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Ensure prudent and safe use of alcoholic beverages and to promote responsible behavior regarding the service and consumption of alcoholic beverages.


The goal of this alcohol policy (the “Policy”) is to ensure prudent and safe use of alcoholic beverages and to promote responsible behavior regarding the service and consumption of alcoholic beverages in compliance with state laws and University of California (UC) policy, in keeping with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Code of Conduct’s principles of respectful behavior and civility, and in accordance with UCSF’s educational mission.


This Policy governs the service and consumption of alcohol at approved events, meaning events held on properties owned, leased, overseen, and/or or supervised by UCSF (collectively, the “UCSF Premises”) at which alcohol is served, including events sponsored by non-UCSF and non-UC affiliated groups and regardless of the source of funding for the event. The policy does not apply to parties in private residences.

In every instance where alcohol is made available, the individuals and organizations involved are responsible for compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, this Policy, and other applicable University policies, procedures, and regulations.

  1. General Conditions
    1. Serving and consuming alcohol should always be complementary or secondary to the event, and not the primary focus of the event.
    2. Only beer, wine and sparkling wine may be served on UCSF premises. No hard liquor, spirits or beer kegs are permitted.
    3. Consumption of alcoholic beverages shall occur only in areas approved for such events.
    4. Federal and State funds may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.
    5. While alcoholic beverages may be served by members of UCSF staff at uncatered events, the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited, except by individuals or organizations in possession of a valid license or permit issued by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) that specifically allows them to sell alcohol.
    6. Individuals are prohibited from bringing their own alcoholic beverages to any function.
    7. Advertising shall not contain phrases such as "Unlimited Spirits," "Open Bar," "All You Can Drink," "Beer Hour," "Beer Fest," or "Beer Garden," etc.
    8. An alcohol manufacturer’s/distributor’s name or logo may not be connected directly to the event or program name.
    9. UCSF’s seal and/or logo shall not be used on any material containing references to an alcohol manufacturer/distributor.
  2. Event Sponsorship
    1. UCSF event sponsors must be clearly identified as the primary sponsor of the event.
    2. On-campus faculty and staff events where alcoholic beverages are served must be sponsored by a UCSF campus department, UCSF Foundation/Alumni Association/Support Group, or Registered Camus Organization (RCO).
    3. Events sponsored by RCOs require event liability insurance, including an alcohol rider.
    4. Events sponsored by UCSF Foundation, Alumni, or Chancellor’s Support Groups require event liability insurance, including an alcohol rider.
    5. On-campus student events where alcoholic beverages are served must follow Student Life policies.
    6. Events sponsored by non-UCSF affiliated groups are subject to the terms of the Facility Use Contract with UCSF, and non-UCSF affiliated sponsors must furnish either (a) a current Certificate of Insurance evidencing General Liability coverage or (b) purchase a Tenant User Event Liability insurance policy, including an alcohol rider.
    7. Manufacturers and/or distributors of alcoholic beverages may not be primary sponsors of campus events. Any recognition of the manufacturer/distributor shall be secondary to the UCSF event sponsor. This distinction must be maintained in all event advertising, displays, and announcements.
  3. Requests and Approvals

    The authority to approve alcohol at events on UCSF Premises rests with the UCSF Police Department (“UCSF PD”).

    All requests for alcohol at events held on UCSF Premises and paid for or managed by UCSF schools, departments, student governments, RCOs, and/or UCSF-affiliated groups should be emailed to UCSF PD at [email protected] for review and approval a minimum of fifteen (15) days in advance of the event’s start date. UCSF PD will be able to determine if additional licensing is required from the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC).

  4. Violations

    Individuals and organizations in violation of this Policy may be subject to corrective actions and UCSF sanctions imposed by Deans, personnel policies, collective bargaining agreements, the Academic Senate, and relevant law, if/as applicable.


Event sponsors hold primary responsibility for ensuring that alcohol-related events are conducted safely and in accordance with applicable policies and laws, following best practices for alcohol-related events (including those related to documentation), and complying with all applicable request processes to obtain required approvals.

UCSF PD approves or denies requests for all alcohol at approved events on UCSF Premises, based on their evaluation of each event’s details. UCSF PD is also responsible for evaluating, recommending, and providing security services for all organized events on campus.

Risk Advisory and Insurance Services (RAIS) maintains resources to help event sponsors develop event plans that comply with best practices for alcohol at approved events and is available to offer feedback and recommendations to UCSF PD for consideration during the approval process.

Student Life is responsible for assisting with questions about student and student RCO events.