This UCSF Campus Administrative Policies website communicates how University business is conducted on our campus.

How to navigate this resource:

  • Use the Subject Areas sidebar to explore policy topics
  • Reference the Master List to access a sortable table of policies
  • Updates lists recently issued and modified policies
  • The Toolkit provides useful information for organizing, writing, and submitting campus administrative policy

How the EVCP works with Universitywide and other policymakers

University of California policy information is issued by the Office of the President and implemented by campus offices. Publishing of systemwide policy information is coordinated by the University Policy Office. At UCSF the Responsible Office with corresponding areas within its purview is responsible for enforcing systemwide policies by issuing local guidelines, procedures, and delegations of authority. This is coordinated by the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, and the policy-making process involves broad consultation with diverse University constituencies.

Academic Personnel policies (the Academic Personnel Manual) are available from the Academic Personnel and Programs website.