Accounts Receivable (revised)

April 6, 2023: Minor changes to rearrange content, add and remove some content. Purpose has been updated to reflect current business practices and provide more details that sponsored projects and student accounts receivables are managed in respective units. Collection efforts are updated as a fee is no longer collected for delinquent balances, and the Exceptions have been removed.

Video Systems Control (new)

April 14, 2021: As recommended by the Access Controls & Security Systems Governance Committee, a new administrative policy has been developed for Video Systems Control. The use of Video Systems on University property is intended to deter crime, aid in the apprehension of suspects, and enhance the overall safety and security of spaces owned, occupied, leased, or loaned to UCSF Health and Campus. UCSF Health and Campus worked together to develop the policy.

Key/Badge Control (revised)

As of March 16, 2021: Policy name changed from “Key Control.” Policy revised to reflect the alignment with UCSF Health, changes in key control, addition of UCSF ID Badges and the additional responsibilities.