Advance Payments for Vendors (new)

As of November 14, 2013: This policy identifies when it is appropriate to make advance payments to vendors and the proper documentation needed in order to protect the financial interests of UCSF.

Workforce Sanctions for Patient Privacy Violations (new)

As of October 29, 2013: Patients of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) have both a reasonable and legal right to the privacy and confidentiality of their personal health information. As such, UCSF has patient privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures in place to guide and direct the workforce on appropriate access, use and disclosure of patients’ protected health information. This policy describes the sanctions to be taken by UCSF when workforce members fail to comply with the patient privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures of the University of California and UCSF.

Alcohol Policy (new)

As of October 3, 2013: The goal of this alcohol policy is to ensure prudent and safe use of alcoholic beverages in compliance with State laws and UC policy. Its philosophy is in keeping with the University’s Code of Conduct principles of respectful behavior and civility as well as the educational mission to promote responsible behavior with regards to the service and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Freedom of Speech (new)

As of September 24, 2013: This policy outlines UCSF’s position on freedom of thought, inquiry, speech and lawful assembly as well as protests and civil disobedience.