Workers' Compensation (revised)

As of August 6, 2010: This policy now reflects discounted parking rate for disabled patients and visitors.

UCSF Industry Relations Policy (new)

As of July 16, 2010: This new policy defines the responsibilities of faculty, students and staff with respect to interactions between the University community and industry as they relate to educational, clinical and research activities.

Industry Sponsored Contracts (revised)

As of June 2, 2010: This policy now reflects current campus practices specifically outlining the requirements governing industry sponsored contracts, and defining campus approval requirement for proposals, financial requirements, and roles as well as responsibilities.

Short Term Investment Pool (STIP) (revised)

As of March 1, 2010: This policy now reflects current gift funds and endowment income funds held by the campus and UCSF Foundation, which are assessed 100% of STIP income on a quarterly basis for development cost recovery.