600-18: Building Maintenance

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Outlines responsibilities for maintenance services on campus and delineates personnel authorized to perform work on UCSF-occupied space.


This policy outlines responsibilities for maintenance and repair services on campus and delineates personnel authorized to perform work on UCSF-occupied space.


Non-assignable space devoted to corridors, stairs, mechanical rooms, elevators, etc.


A. Facilities Services is responsible for the maintenance, including painting, of common areas in University buildings.

B. Self-supporting activities such as Transportation Services, Campus Life Services, Student Services, and the Child Care Center are recharged for Facilities Services work.

C. Services provided to campus departments without charge include the maintenance and repair of roofs, walls, windows, doors, locks, hardware, floors and floor coverings, plumbing systems and fixtures, electrical systems, lighting fixtures, and heating and ventilation systems, as well as protective and safety equipment (security alarms, fire alarm and suppression systems, and safety deluge shower stations). Services covered by Facilities Services are specified in the "Guide to Services," located at:


D. Departments are responsible for the painting of assigned space. Work performed by Facilities Services will be recharged.

E. All work at UCSF-owned and operated facilities must be done by a contractor coordinated through Facilities Services. Facilities Services is solely authorized to enter into construction contracts for painting, repairs, alterations and maintenance to campus facilities.

F. To assure that the work is accomplished in a manner compatible with existing systems and applicable codes, any janitorial, structural modifications or renovation work performed on University owned or occupied buildings or systems must be coordinated and approved by Facilities Services.


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