600-13: Key/Badge Control

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Designates central control point for UCSF badges, keys, and locks used to secure equipment or doors of UCSF locations.


This policy designates the central control point for all UCSF badges, keys and locks used to secure equipment or used to secure the doors of space owned, occupied, leased or loaned to UCSF Health and Campus.


This policy designates the centralized control points of UCSF badges, locks and keys used to provide UCSF with the necessary security of equipment, property and provide for the safety of students, employees, patients, and visitors. UCSF ID cards allow access and are treated the same as keys in this policy.

  1. Facilities Services is the only department designated to install locks and issue keys. Only Facilities Services may reproduce UCSF keys. Departments or outside locksmiths are not allowed to install, maintain, or duplicate locks and/or keys for UCSF occupied spaces. All buildings are to be master-keyed in accordance with the system developed by the UCSF Facilities Services locksmith.
  2. For new buildings, the initial complement of keys is supplied as an expense against building project funds. Subsequent issuance of keys will be charged to the requesting department.
  3. UCSF utilizes the KeyWatcher electronic storage and tracking system to grant access to Master Keys.
  4. Key Control
    1. Chancellors, Senior Vice Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, Associate/Assistant Vice Chancellors, Chief Executives, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Sr. Vice Presidents, Deans and Directors, will be granted access to building master keys upon request.
    2. Personnel who are authorized by the above listed titles may be granted access to area master keys.
    3. All other keys will be issued by Facilities Services upon request of the management of each operating unit.
    4. Building Master keys are kept in KeyWatcher key boxes.
    5. Re-keying. Any lost/stolen key (other than file cabinets, desks, etc.) will require all doors operated by the lost keys, to be rekeyed and the costs to be covered by the department that was in possession of the keys.
    6. Replacement of Lost Keys. Lost/stolen key(s) will be replaced after the doors operated by the lost/stolen keys, have been rekeyed.
  5. Badge Control
    1. ID cards are the sole property of UCSF and must be returned upon request, termination or the end of active student status.
    2. WeID, UCSF Health Security and Human Resources are authorized to issue, replace and revoke UCSF ID badges.
    3. Vendors and contractors are required to have a badge while on UCSF property
    4. While at UCSF badges must be visible and above the waist, unless work prohibits for safety reasons
    5. Requesting Access
      Persons with access to the Identity Management System will have the ability to request door badge access. Requests will be sent to the designated Door Authorizers who review and approve or deny the request.
  6. Badging-In While On-Site
    1. All UCSF employees, students, contractors, volunteers, and others with a UCSF Identification Badge (ID) are required to badge in at their primary UCSF work location any time you report to work; you
      may swipe your ID badge at any UCSF badge reader station. This will assist UCSF in knowing who is on campus during an emergency and in monitoring census and health compliance reporting. This
      is only applicable when there is a UCSF badge reader at that work location.
    2. The badge swipe data does not replace current timekeeping tools in place.
  7. Identification (ID) Badge Naming
    1. UCSF embraces and follows UC policy regarding lived or preferred name versus birth names. This UC policy is located at: https://policy.ucop.edu/doc/2700693/GRLN
    2. UCSF will provide options for using first names and last initials on ID badges when permitted to do so. Certain UCSF job titles are required to list first and last name on their ID badges due to
      professional licensing requirements and in these cases, UCSF also provides options for lived names on ID badges with legal names on the back of the ID badge. UCSF will also continue to provide
      options for lived names on ID badges. Specific implementation guidelines for this policy are located at: https://police.ucsf.edu/weid


  1. Departmental managers and individuals issued keys are responsible that keys are not loaned or shared and to surrender all keys when transferred or separated.
  2. Master Keys must be returned to the respective KeyWatcher no later than the end of shift by the same authorized individual who checked them out and are not to be brought outside of UCSF premises.
  3. Lost or stolen keys need to be reported immediately to UCSF Police Department. Nonemergency number (415) 476-1414
  4. Recovering/retrieving access cards, UCSF Police, Security, HR, and appropriate authorities may request and take possession of these cards.
  5. UCSF managers and supervisors who recover UCSF ID cards must send them to WeID at Box 0238.
  6. Departments are responsible for reporting lost, stolen, or damaged cards (e.g. change of name or transfer to another department).
  7. Use of cards are restricted to use for access to spaces based on a legitimate business need.