Key Control


This policy designates the central control point for all keys and locks used to secure equipment or used to secure the doors of space owned, occupied, leased, or loaned to UCSF.

The centralized control of locks and keys provides the campus with the necessary security of equipment and property and it provides for the safety of students, employees, patients, and visitors.

A. Facilities Services is the only department designated to install locks and issue keys. Only Facilities Services may reproduce University keys. Departments or outside locksmiths are not allowed to install, maintain, or duplicate locks and/or keys for UCSF occupied spaces. All buildings are to be master-keyed in accordance with the system developed by the UCSF locksmith.

B. For new buildings, the initial complement of keys is supplied as an expense against building project funds. Subsequent issuance of keys will be charged to the requesting department.

C. Facilities Services must be notified immediately if master or sub-master keys are lost. Facilities Services should be notified if individual door keys are lost.

D. Key Control

1. Directors of medical centers, deans, or vice chancellors will be assigned building master keys upon request.

2. Area master keys may be issued to personnel who are authorized by medical center directors, deans, or vice chancellors. The unit shall advise Facilities Services of the names of the individuals who possess area master keys.

3. All other keys will be issued by Facilities Services upon request of the manager of each operating unit.

Departmental managers are responsible for keeping records of all the keys issued to staff members and must reclaim the keys of those who transfer or terminate employment from the unit.