150-18: Critical Position Background Checks

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Employees and/or applicants for certain positions designated as "critical" must undergo background checks.


In order to minimize risks to campus safety and security, employees and/or applicants for certain positions designated as "critical" must undergo background checks.


A position whose responsibilities include any of the following: master key access to residence and other facilities; direct responsibility for the care, safety, and security of persons, or the safety and security of personal or University property; direct access to or responsibility for cash, checks, or University property disbursements or receipts; direct access to or responsibility for controlled substances; extensive authority for committing the financial resources of the University. These criteria apply to all levels of University employment.


A. All applicants selected for critical positions are required to undergo a background check which includes being fingerprinted by the campus Police Department. Employees who are licensed by the State of California and currently enrolled UCSF students are exempted.

B. In accepting a critical position, it is understood that continued employment is contingent upon a satisfactory background check. A satisfactory background check is the absence of a criminal record which bears a demonstrable relationship to the applicant/employee's suitability to perform the required duties and responsibilities of the position.

C. All job announcements for positions that have been designated as critical must state that fingerprinting and background checks are required.


A. Departments will identify critical positions and inform Human Resources--Staffing and Compensation when there is a change in assignment that would affect such a designation.

B. Human Resources has been delegated authority to review any staff positions for the purpose of determining whether the position should be designated as critical.