400-24: Integrity of Research

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Research at UCSF must be conducted in a manner appropriate to its academic goals to protect and maintain the integrity of research and of the institution.


This policy has been established to ensure that research at UCSF is conducted in a manner appropriate to its academic goals in order to protect and maintain the integrity of research and of UCSF. This policy is based on the principle that quality research requires adherence to the highest standards of integrity in proposing, conducting, and reporting research. The procedures referenced below under Section VI cover the handling of allegations of research misconduct.


Fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing, performing, or reviewing research, or in reporting research results. Research misconduct does not include honest error or differences of opinion.

Some improper practices are not considered research misconduct under this policy, but are nonetheless considered misconduct under other University policies including, but not limited to, guidelines relating to conflict of interest, intellectual property, biosafety, the Faculty Code of Conduct, use of human and animal subjects, use of University facilities, outside professional activities of faculty members, and teacher-student relations. Disputes about the conduct of research that do not fall within the definition of research misconduct as stated in the definition of “research misconduct” above should be resolved in accordance with the requirements of appropriate University policy.


It is the policy of UCSF to respond fully and fairly to all allegations of research misconduct and to comply with the reporting requirements of applicable funding agencies.


All UCSF researchers are subject to this policy and are expected to be aware of and to comply with all applicable policies and procedures of the University, campus, and departments, as well as external entities funding their research.

All UCSF researchers are expected to maintain intellectual integrity. UCSF is committed to promoting the integrity of research and to meeting the obligations defined by extramural funding agencies.

Any individual affiliated with UCSF has an ethical responsibility to act if he or she suspects research misconduct has occurred and to contact the campus Research Integrity Officer (RIO).

Individuals associated with UCSF are expected to cooperate with the RIO and other institutional officials in the course of research misconduct proceedings.

Contact the office of the campus RIO with any questions.