Award Acceptance and Execution of Contracts and Grants


This policy defines responsibilities for the review, acceptance, and execution of contracts and grants.


An award of financial or direct assistance to an eligible investigator in support of proposed research, training, or other activity. The sponsor generally does not require a predetermined product at the completion of the work, although it may require financial and/or technical reports.


A binding agreement between two or more parties that is enforceable at law. In the context of research, a contract is generally an agreement under which a sponsor provides funding for a proposed program in return for some product, such as services, report, or other deliverables. A fixed-price contract arises when the sponsor and University agree in advance on the price of the work to be done. A cost reimbursement contract requires the sponsor to reimburse the University for the cost of conducting the research.

The terms and conditions of contracts and grants must comply with the policies and regulations set forth by The Regents, and only designated officials of the University are authorized to accept grants or execute contracts.

A. Policy on the Review of Contracts and Grants

1. Contracts and Grants Officer

The Contracts and Grants Officer will verify that commitments outlined in contract or grant proposals are reasonable, and are consistent with University policy. In addition, the Contracts and Grants Officer will determine whether prior approval by the UC General Counsel to The Regents is necessary before execution. Verification will be made that the principal investigator or project director understands the commitments to be undertaken.

2. Principal investigator/project director

In the capacity of principal investigator or project director, the recipient of an award represents The Regents, and is obligated to carry out the responsibilities assumed on behalf of the University.

B. Policy on Acceptance or Execution of Contracts and Grants

1. Acceptance of contract or grant proposals approved for solicitation by The Regents

Authority to accept grants or execute contracts awarded to proposals that have been approved for solicitation by The Regents as outlined in Administrative Policy 400-12, Authority to Solicit Contracts and Grants, is conferred upon the University of California President.

2. Acceptance of contracts and grants approved by the Contracts and Grants Officer

On the basis of authority redelegated by the Chancellor, the Contracts and Grants Officer will accept grants and execute contracts in a manner consistent with the requirements of the University and the sponsor.

Contact Office of Origin (see above) with any questions.