400-11: Eligibility to Submit Proposals for Extramural Funds (PI Status)

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Outlines eligibility to submit proposals for extramural funds.


This policy outlines eligibility to submit proposals for extramural funds.


The individual ultimately responsible for the appropriate scientific and financial conduct of a sponsored research project. On occasion, co-principal investigators who share responsibility for a project.

Programs, both research and scholarly activity, supported by an external source that has a defined scope of work or set of objectives, which provides a basis for sponsor expectations. This includes research, demonstration, professional development, instruction, training, curriculum development, community and public service, or other scholarly activity involving funds, materials, other forms of compensation, or exchanges of in-kind efforts under awards or agreements. A deficit on a sponsored project represents the amount that total expense exceeds total revenue at the award level at any point in the life cycle of the project.

The Chancellor and Vice Chancellors, each Dean, the Registrar and Admissions Officer, the University Librarian, each lecturer who has full time teaching responsibilities in any curriculum under the control of the Academic Senate and whose academic title is Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment or Lecturer with Security of Employment; Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor in Residence, Assistant Professor of Clinical (e.g., Medicine); Associate Professor, Associate Professor in Residence, Associate Professor of Clinical (e.g., Medicine); Acting Associate Professor; Professor, Professor in Residence, Professor of Clinical (e.g., Medicine); and Instructors or Instructors in Residence giving instruction in any of the curricula under the control of the San Francisco Division, and any other person certified for membership by the Secretary of this Division in accordance with the policies of the Assembly.


  1. Who May Submit Proposals

    A research project proposal may be submitted only by academic appointees who will personally participate in the project in a significant manner and also serve as the Principal Investigators.

  2. Principal Investigator Status Eligibility

    University policy automatically confers principal investigator status on the following faculty:

    a) Academic Senate Members, including emeriti;

    b) Appointees salaried at 50% or more of full-time in the ladder ranks, in-residence, adjunct, clinical, or research series; and

    c) Appointees in the librarian series.

  3. Exceptions to General Principal Investigator Status Eligibility

    Appointees salaried at less than 50% of full-time or in title series other than those listed in 2. b), but who hold appropriate academic or professional credentials, may be granted principal investigator status by exception. To obtain an exception, the prospective Principal Investigator must follow procedure—see section IV. Responsibilities and Procedures.

Request for Principal Investigator Status: Waiver for Exemption from University Policy


This policy applies to anyone named as the principal investigator on a sponsored project.

  1. Office of Research
  2. Principal Investigators
  3. Officials designated by the Office of Research