VAMC, Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignment Agreements (IPAs)


UCSF frequently enters into Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignment Agreements (IPAs) under which academic appointees are temporarily assigned to Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers. This policy clarifies the requirements for those IPA assignments.

This policy does not apply to IPAs with agencies other than VA Medical Centers. Please see Policy 100-32, Agreements with Outside Agencies for Faculty Assignments, for all other assignments.

The President has authorized the Chancellor to enter into agreements whereby University academic appointees may be temporarily assigned to perform services within the VA Medical Centers.

The primary justification for the University to enter into such an agreement is the benefit to the University from the assignment, not the desires or needs of the individual employee. Such assignment must be approved by the appropriate Department Chair.

The length of the assignment will depend on the nature of the training and development goals and the value of the assignment to the University. The agreement may be written for an initial maximum two-year period, followed by a maximum two-year extension.

An appointee must have been employed in a permanent position for at least 90 days to be eligible for an IPA assignment. Under the terms of the agreement with VA, the individual remains a University employee. VA IPA assignment generally provides the assigned individual's salary and benefits; however, the award amount is an estimate. Payment is made based upon actual salary and benefits, and invoices will show the actual time worked on the assignment. Cost of Living and Merit increases will be paid according to UCSF policies.

The employee shall be informed in writing regarding responsibilities to the Department and School during the period of assignment under the IPA.

The following procedures shall be followed for each IPA Agreement:

  • The VAMC shall initiate the agreement.
  • The Department shall contact the Office of Sponsored Research to review the IPA and provide the coversheet.
  • The Department Chair shall review and approve the IPA.

Contact Office of Origin (see above) with any questions.