Housing of Animals for Research


All animals used for research at UCSF must be housed in designated animal care facilities in order to comply with federal regulations.

A. All animals used in conjunction with UCSF projects at the Parnassus campus, Laurel Heights, UCSF/Mount Zion Medical Center, Mission Center, Hunters Point, and all sites at San Francisco General Hospital must be maintained in the Laboratory Animal Resource Center.

B. Animals must not be kept in laboratories for more than12 hours.

1. If there are special reasons for keeping animals in laboratories for longer periods, investigators must request joint approval from the Committee on Animal Research and the Director of the Laboratory Animal Resource Center. Once both approvals have been obtained, the approvals must be posted in the laboratory in proximity to where the animals are kept for over 12 hours.

2. An exception to this policy is for animals used at other institutions that have filed an assurance with the Public Health Service and established an institutional animal care and use committee for reviewing and approving protocols and for reviewing the animal care and use program.

C. Animals used at other institutions should comply with that site's requirements for animal use and housing.

Contact Office of Origin (see above) with any questions.