600-23: Utilities

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Designates Facilities Services as the office responsible for providing all utilities except telephone services and data line connections.


This policy designates Facilities Services as the office responsible for providing all utilities except for telephone services and data line connections, and it designates authorization to make repairs or modifications to existing utility systems.


A review of existing building systems (plumbing, ventilation, steam, electrical, etc.) to determine if existing building utilities are able to accommodate new uses.


A. Facilities Services furnishes and distributes the following utilities: water, gas, vacuum, steam, distilled water, electricity, sewage, waste removal, and hot and chilled water. Generally, there is no charge for utilities provided to departments unless usage is considered above normal and unless otherwise negotiated with building occupants. The Medical Center and auxiliary enterprises are recharged for utilities.

B. Facilities Services is solely responsible for utility maintenance, coordination of planned shutdowns, and capacity reviews.

C. Repairs or alterations on any utility systems shall be coordinated by Facilities Services.

D. A utility capacity review should be conducted by the applicable department before purchasing equipment that has the potential to overload existing utility systems. It is the responsibility of departments to determine if the proposed equipment can be operated using existing utilities; the most common concern is whether adequate electrical power is available. Departments are encouraged to contact Facilities Services to conduct a utility review as part of their purchasing procedures. Failure to correctly determine a component's utility capacity may result in extra delays, expense, or inability to install the equipment.


Contact Responsible Office (see above) with any questions.