600-20: Signs

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Establishes guidelines for the creation, installation, and maintenance of all campus interior and exterior signs and signage programs.


This policy establishes guidelines for the creation, installation, and maintenance of all campus signs in order to ensure conformance with required codes and regulations, to ensure consistency in campus sign systems and to establish a consistent identity for UCSF throughout all of its campus sites. The policy pertains to interior and exterior signs, as well as signage programs.


A federal law mandating reasonable accommodation of employees with disabilities.


This policy applies to all UCSF entities, including the Schools and the Graduate Division, Campus Administration and the Medical Center. This policy applies to all campus sites, including Parnassus Heights, Mount Zion, Laurel Heights, Mission Bay and all other UCSF locations.

All interior and exterior campus signs must conform to the established standards in the UCSF Signage Standards Manual and Ordering Catalog, which was created to achieve a functional and aesthetic sign program that specifically meets ADA requirements for signage. Any unusual circumstance or site condition that precludes direct compliance with this policy or any other requests for exceptions to design standards must be referred to Campus Planning and approved by the Vice Chancellor - University Advancement and Planning. All signage shall comply with Policy 050-13, Use of University Name, Seal and Logo.


A. Implementation of new or revised exterior directional signs, identifying signs, monument signs and all other exterior signage shall be coordinated through Campus Planning. Campus Planning may request to review for verification the names and/or text proposed for the signage. The Office of the Chancellor is financially responsible for these exterior signs.

B. Directional signs for the primary internal circulation corridors at each campus site are the financial responsibility of the Office of the Chancellor.

C. Departmental signs are the responsibility of individual departments. Departments should order signs through individual building managers listed on the Facilities Management website. Facilities Management is responsible for fabricating, installing, and maintaining signs at UCSF. Departments that order signs are responsible for funding.

D. As new construction is implemented or renovation of departmental space occurs, Facilities Management is responsible for including required signage in capital improvement project budgets and for coordinating the architectural design of projects with the campus signage standards. Facilities Management shall coordinate with Campus Planning on signage for new construction or major renovation projects.

E. Campus Planning, in concert with Public Affairs and the UCSF identity system, is responsible for periodically updating and amending the UCSF Signage Standards Manual and Ordering Catalog. Suggestions for revisions should be directed to the Assistant Vice Chancellor - Campus Planning.

F. University Development and Alumni Relations has prepared Donor Signage Guidelines to ensure consistent and appropriate recognition of major donors to UCSF and consistency with UCSF's Signage Standards Manual and Ordering Catalog.