Employee Health Services


The Medical Center maintains an Employee Health Service to provide those services necessary to maintain a healthy work force, reduce the costs of work-related injury and illness, and protect employees and patients from the spread of infectious diseases within the Medical Center and, as appropriate, the campus. This policy delineates services provided by the Employee Health Service to comply with this mission.

A. The Employee Health Service will provide only those evaluation, consultation, and referral services necessary to meet the following limited objectives for Medical Center employees (and, as appropriate, campus employees):

1. to assure that the health status of new employees will permit them to successfully perform their job duties;

2. to establish a coordinated program of counseling and treatment for employees who have been exposed to body substances;

3. to assist in preventing the spread of diseases; and

4. to provide medical monitoring as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or other regulatory agencies.

B. The Employee Health Service does not provide complete diagnostic services or direct treatment for either work or non-work related injury or illness.

Contact Office of Origin (see above) with any questions.

None provided.