Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program Repayment


This policy sets forth the repayment provision for faculty receiving a payment under the Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program (FRAP) as part of their recruitment.

  1. Delegation Authority
    APM 190, Appendix E, Section D, Point 2, delegates authority to the chancellors to set the repayment provision for funds disbursed under the Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program (FRAP) for their campuses.
  2. Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program Eligibility
    Faculty recruited to a new appointment in an Academic Senate series (Ladder Rank, In Residence, Clinical X) may be offered a cash payment under the Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program (FRAP) not to exceed the program limit as defined each year by the UCOP Salary Scales, Table 40.  Exceptions up to $100,000 may be approved via written request to the Vice Provost Academic Affairs.  Special exceptions for faculty recruited into the Adjunct or Health Sciences Clinical Professor series may also be requested in writing of the Vice Provost Academic Affairs.
  3. Repayment Provision
    Should a faculty member who received funds under the Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program separate from the University, the faculty member must repay a pro-rated amount of the original FRAP payment total (gross, before tax withholdings) to the University.  This amount shall be equal to the original gross amount reduced by 20% for each year of service.  Thus the repayment requirement fully expires at the conclusion of five years  Schools and departments may set additional, more restrictive conditions as determined by the funding agency.  FRAP payments of $50,000 or less are not subject to repayment. 

FRAP payments must be made in whole or in part within the first two years of the eligible appointment. Determination if the FRAP shall be paid as a lump sum or in installments is at the discretion of the funding source. The lump sum payment is typical. FRAP payments are requested by the department of the HR service center using the Academic Affairs One Time Pay Form, Title Code 3993, and DOS Code FHA. Requests for an amount over the program limit must be accompanied by the written approval from the Vice Provost Academic Affairs.  FRAP payments are considered as bonus pay for payroll purposes and experience taxes and withholdings accordingly (approximately 33%).

The funding agency (department or school) must provide a repayment agreement to the candidate and this should be engaged by the candidate and the agency authority before disbursement of funds under the Program.

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