Academic Senate Funded Travel

  • Academic Senate

This policy outlines the eligibility requirements and purpose of travel grants awarded by the Academic Senate.

Field Research Travel

Travel for the purpose of developing knowledge by the gathering of data and research materials.

Scholarly Meetings

Meetings of learned societies and organized conferences sponsored by responsible research agencies for the purpose of reporting on important research findings.

A. The Academic Senate receives discretionary funds to finance travel by members of the Academic Senate to attend meetings of learned societies or organized conferences to present important results of original research.

B. Travel grants for scholarly purposes are awarded by the Academic Senate Committee on Research.

C. Travel funds are restricted to members of the Academic Senate.

D. Grants for travel to scholarly meetings may be used for the cost of airfare transportation only. Individual investigator grants for field research travel may include the cost of airfare transportation in accordance with University policies on travel expenses.

Contact Office of Origin (see above) with any questions or go to the Academic Senate Website.