Federal and state regulation standards require the timely completion of new hire documentation. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that departments meet federal and state regulatory standards and UCSF is in compliance with applicable labor requirements. New hire documentation forms are defined in section B below.

It is the policy of the University to ascertain that:

  • Newly hired employees have the proper indentification and are eligible according to the law to hold employment in the U.S.
  • All U.S. citizens sign the oath section of the State Oath of Allegiance, Patent Policy, and Patent Acknowledgement form. And all UC employees sign the Patent section of the same form.
  • New hire completes a form W-4 for tax deduction purposes.
  • Departments attach and forward an IDOC printout from the Employee Data Base indicative of the employment status of the new hire.
  • Offer Letter if included in the new hire packet if the form I-9 was signed prior to the date of hire and/or the new hire fits the MSP-VI and above category.

New hire documentation should be completed and forwarded to the Campus Payroll office within 5 business days of the hire date.

Departments and/or business units are responsible for directing newly hired employees to the HR Service Center to complete new hire forms timely. The HR Service Center is responsible for forwarding the completed forms to Campus Payroll to review new hire document for comliance with Government and State regulations and UC policies.