200-23: Storage of University Property

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Use of storage space available to campus departments through Logistics.


This policy describes the use of storage space available to campus departments through Logistics.


A. Subject to space availability, campus departments are authorized on a recharge basis, to use the storage facilities of Logistics at Oyster Point for storage of records and equipment.

B. In the interest of making space available for new client needs, management may occasionally urge users to consider donating or selling items that have been stored for an extended period of time.

C. Record storage at the facility is allowed and retrieval of specific records from stored files is provided for a nominal fee. Records stored at the facility must be given disposal dates at the time the materials are stored, but will not be destroyed on the disposal date until the customer reconfirms that decision. Departments are encouraged to recycle paper records, as appropriate.

D. An optional equipment and furniture delivery/installation service is available for a fee. This service is generally used when the equipment to be delivered exceeds the capacity of the receiving department.


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