Registered Campus Organizations

This policy establishes guidelines for the formation of campus organizations and eligibility for membership.

A. UCSF students, faculty, and staff are eligible to join or establish a registered campus organization.

B. A registered campus organization may not use the name University of California San Francisco, or abbreviation thereof, but may use the phrase "at UCSF" to indicate location.

C. Registered campus organizations may, consistent with applicable University policies, raise funds on campus, invite speakers, and use University properties.

D. Each organization must re-register annually with Student Relations. Organizations not re-registering will forfeit privileges of a registered campus organization until registration is renewed.

E. The University does not sponsor or endorse an organization by virtue of registration or by granting permission to use properties, and organizations should take care to avoid any unauthorized implication that they are sponsored or endorsed by the University.

F. Groups may not use University mail or duplicating services unless the specific usage is sponsored by a student government or other University unit.

Contact Responsible Office (see above) with any questions.