Identification Cards


This policy has been established to ensure the distribution and use of photo identification cards for all University employees and students in order to assure a safe and secure work environment.

A. Photo identification cards are imperative in order to assure a safe and secure work environment. They also provide evidence of employment or enrollment at UCSF and may be used as a library card, for security access, shuttle bus access, as debit cards, and for other similar purposes. Photo identification cards will be issued upon request to individuals with appropriate UCSF affiliations and must be displayed by all faculty, staff, and students while on UCSF-owned or -operated premises.

B. All faculty, staff, students, and individuals with appropriate UCSF affiliations must visibly wear their UCSF identification card on the upper third of the body at all times while on UCSF-owned or -operated premises.

C. Photo identification cards are mandatory for all faculty, staff, students, and those with appropriate UCSF affiliations, and valid for the term of association with UCSF. Special temporary badges may be issued for identification purposes to temporary pool employees and short-term casual staff by the Director-Human Resources.

D. Departments are responsible for ensuring that employees and students obtain picture IDs. Appropriate photo identification is required before a card is issued. There is a nominal charge for each original or replacement card.

E. Photo identification cards are the sole property of the University of California, and must be returned upon request by an appropriate authority and upon termination of an individual's employment or active student status.

Departments are responsible for reporting lost, stolen, or damaged cards, as well as for reclaiming photo identification cards upon termination or any change in an individual's affiliation with UCSF (e.g., change of name, transfer to another department). These cards are sent to the Police Department WeID Program at Box 0238.