Conflict of Interest


This policy concerns any conflict that may arise between an employee's assigned position or commitment with the University, and any other interest or obligation.

A. Designated Employees

The Political Reform Act, California Government Code Section 1000 et seq., requires the University to adopt and publish a conflict of interest code.

Pursuant to the statute, and to the University Conflict of Interest Code, certain employees are required to file statements of economic interests. The criterion for designating which employees must comply is that the employees make or participate in the making of decisions which may foreseeably have a material effect on the financial interests of the University in the course and scope of their employment.

Such designations are made by Legal Affairs, and designated employees are sent appropriate forms by that office.

B.The University has developed a Conflict of Interest Code that requires all University employees and officers, whether or not they are designated to file statements of economic interests, to disqualify themselves from participating in a University decision when a financial conflict of interest is present.

C. A number of specialized policies and guidelines have been issued in recognition of the need for guidance in this area. These policies and guidelines have been summarized and brought together in the UC Business and Finance Bulletins, Conflict of Interest Policy and Compendium of Specialized University Policies, Guidelines, and Regulations Related Conflict of Interest. Specific questions may also be directed to Legal Affairs.

Contact Responsible Office (see above) with any questions.