100-12: Library

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Clarifies the availability of UCSF library services, privileges and access to the library, and gifts made to the library.


This policy serves to clarify the availability of UCSF library services, privileges and access to the library, and gifts made to the library.


Responsible for information transfer functions with applied software engineering to build useful knowledge-based tools for the health sciences and education, training, and research programs to integrate the effective use of electronic information resources into the curriculum.

Responsible for storage, retrieval, and information transfer functions, collection management and processing, circulation, public information services, document delivery, special collections, and the informatics instruction component of the library's education program.


The mission of the library is to support the teaching, research, patient care, and public service programs of UCSF, and actively serve the information needs of a user population that includes, but is not limited to, campus faculty, research staff, students, and alumni, as well as an extensive network of health professionals.

The library was established to support the educational, research, and patient care needs of the faculty, staff, and students of the UCSF campuses. Reciprocal services are offered to other UC faculty, staff, and students to strengthen the concept of one university. Secondarily, library collections and services are extended to students and faculty from other California schools, and to local, regional, and international scientific communities to supplement local resources. Finally, the library serves as a resource for the citizens of California and individuals from the general and scientific communities who choose to use the collection and facility.

A. Library Privileges: All library users have access to a limited set of basic services. Primary clientele, who are defined as the faculty, students, housestaff, postgraduate fellows, and staff of UCSF and the University of California, are granted priority access to library services and resources, particularly during heavy periods of use. Primary clientele will have access to services and resources not available to other users. Due to demand and funding sources, some services will be restricted to UCSF primary clientele.

Purchase of cards or payment of fees will not grant access to restricted services or a higher priority of service.

Library borrowing privileges are available to:

1. faculty, staff, and currently registered students of the University of California (all campuses) and its affiliates;

2. physicians and certain other health professionals in the nine Bay Area counties who are licensed by a California state professional or vocational board and who reside in the nine Bay Area counties;

3. faculty and librarians from other accredited institutions of higher education in the state of California;

4. members of institutions and organizations (including UCSF alumni associations) with whom the campus has special arrangements;

5. retired UC faculty and staff, and persons retired from the categories included in item III.A.2, above; and

6. individuals who purchase UCSF Library Fee Borrower Cards (available only to legal residents of the state of California who are 18 years of age or older).

7. certificate employees of California public schools.

8. Stanford University faculty, academic staff, and currently enrolled graduate students.

B. Gifts to the Library: The library accepts selected material appropriate to the general purposes of the collection. In the acceptance of library materials, the library complies with University policies and the donated materials are used to the best advantage of the library. Disposition is made at the discretion of the University Librarian acting in consultation with the staff.


Contact responsible office with any questions.