Health Sciences Compensation Plan


This policy defines the arrangement under which health sciences faculty are compensated for performing activities in connection with education, research, and patient care.

Income earned by a faculty member who is a member of a Health Sciences Compensation Plan as a result of academic and professional activities accrues to the campus compensation plan, not to the individual. Such income is paid into an appropriate Health Sciences Fund account. Professional fee income may be combined with funds from other sources (e.g., extramural contracts and grants, gifts, consulting fees) to provide funding for the additional compensation. Provisions for compensation, accountability, disbursement of funds, and contingencies are defined in the specific Regents' approved Health Sciences Compensation Plan and Guidelines on Occasional Outside Professional Activities by Health Sciences Compensation Plan Participants, and administered by the schools.

A. The Chancellor is responsible for monitoring campus procedures for administration of the Health Sciences Compensation Plan.

B. Departments are responsible for implementation of the compensation plans in conjunction with the appropriate Dean's Office and the Academic Personnel Office.