Records Management and Retention


The University Records Management Program of the Office of the President provides guidelines for the creation, organization, maintenance, use, retrieval, and disposition of University records.

University Records Management Committee

A University-wide committee, advisory to the UC Senior Vice President--Administration, responsible for developing and coordinating the University Records Management Program.

A. Correspondence, reports, writings and other papers, records, maps, tapes, photographic films and prints, magnetic and punched cards, discs and drums, and other similar materials are the property of The Regents and may not be permanently removed from the University nor destroyed except in accordance with the disposition schedules established by the University Records Management Committee.

B. All unnecessary copies of records shall be destroyed as soon as their purpose has been served. Materials judged by departments to be "sensitive" (e.g., personnel records) should be discarded in a manner that will protect confidentiality.

C. The offices designated as "Office of Record" and "Other" in the University of California Records Retention Schedule  must retain official University records for at least the minimum period prescribed for each copy of the particular records. (The University Archives should be consulted about any records not listed in the Schedule.

D. Extraordinary precautions shall be extended to preserve and protect from both normal and unusual present or potential hazards those records meeting the definition of "vital records" contained in the UC Business and Finance Bulletins.

Contact Office of Origin (see above) with any questions.