Personal Use of University Property


The purpose of this policy is to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate use of University property.

University Property

Includes supplies, equipment, tools, books, furniture, art objects, vehicles, facilities, and all other assets owned, leased by, or in the custody of the University. This includes both inventoried and non-inventoried items.

  1. Faculty, staff, volunteers, and visiting scholars may use University property only for work-related activities. Students may use University property only as required in pursuing their studies. Faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and visitors may not use University property to pursue personal activities or endeavors.
  2. At no time may University property be removed from University premises without the written approval of the appropriate department chair or unit head.
  3. In some instances, University property is available for lease or loan by employees and students providing that appropriate fees are paid (if applicable), requirements are fulfilled, and appropriate documents are filed.
  4. Use of University property for personal use may result in disciplinary action.

Contact Office of Origin (see above) with any questions.