Millberry Union


This policy establishes eligibility for membership at UCSF Fitness & Recreation Centers: Millberry Fitness & Recreation Center at Parnassus and Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center at Mission Bay.


 Policy Membership in UCSF Fitness & Recreation Centers

1.   UCSF Students whose tuition includes Campus Community Center (CCC) fees may use Millberry and Bakar facilities at no charge upon registration of their UCSF ID badge at the fitness center.  UCSF Students whose tuition does not include CCC fees are eligible for membership at the Affiliated Student rate. 

2.   Registered students from other UC campuses may use recreation centers at all UC campus facilities. This reciprocal agreement is subject to any required approval from individual governing and/or advisory boards and utilizing the following guidelines:

 ·      During the academic year, all valid UC student IDs will be honored at the recreational sports facilities system wide. At specialty facilities, i.e. aquatic centers, equestrian centers, etc., the visiting students may participate by paying the standard campus student rate.

 ·      Summer Quarter/Session – All UC students will be eligible to purchase summer passes as though they were continuing students at the campus they are visiting.

3.   UCSF faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars, and residents, and UC affiliates are eligible for a discounted membership upon presentation of a valid UCSF ID badge. 

4.   Memberships are available to the General Public.

Contact Fitness & Recreation, Campus Life Services with any questions.