UCSF Redelegation: 739

September 10, 1982


Re: Delegation of Authority - Exceptions to Term Service for Appointees In the Visiting Postdoctoral Title

Approval has been received from President Saxon to extend the total service in the Visiting Postdoctoral title to a maximum of three years. A copy of the Delegation of Authority is attached.

Effective immediately, I redelegate authority to you to authorize exceptions to the term of service up to a maximum of three years.

Shirley Chater

Acting Chancellor


cc: Vice President Archie Kleingartner
Assistant President Dorothy Everett
Associate Dean Clifford Attkisson
Associate Dean June Bailey
Associate Dean Thomas Christie
Associate Dean Robert Crede
Associate Dean Dallas Tuck
Vice Chancellor Designate David Ramsey
Secretary to the Regents Bonnie M. Smotony