UCSF Redelegation 2206

UCSF Redelegation: 2206


 August 25, 2008






Re: Gifts to an Agency and Reporting Requirements


In May 2008, the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) revised its Gifts to an Agency regulation that provides a test for determining when gifts are considered gifts to an agency and not to a public official, such as a University employee.  Under the revised regulation, if a girt to an agency will provide a personal benefit to an employee, such as a gift of travel, the head of the agency, or his or her designee, must select the individual who will use it, report the payment to the FPPC on a California Form 801 (gift to Agency Report) within 30 days, and post a copy of the report on the agency's website.


In his letter dated July 2, 2008, President Yudof delegated to me, as chancellor, authorities and responsibilities to make determinations for purposes of this regulation, including that of designating a local Gift Reporting Filing Officer.  Effective immediately, in your role as Senior Vice Chancellor—University Advancement and Planning, I designate you as the UCSF Gift Reporting Filing Officer.  Enclosed is a copy of President Yudof's letter, which includes additional background information regarding the Political Reform Act.



J. Michael Bishop, M.D.


Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor

University Professor






cc:       President Mark G. Yudof

            Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost A. Eugene Washington

            Senior Vice Chancellor Steve Barclay

            Vice Provost Sally Marshall

            Interim Vice Chancellor Randy Lopez

            Chief Campus Counsel Marcia Canning

            Chief Executive Officer Mark Laret

            Coordinator Nancy Capell, UCOP

            Coordinator Ross Smith, Office of General Counsel