UCSF Redelegation 2169

UCSF Redelegation: 2169


October 22, 2007






Redelegation of Authority – Allocation and Reallocation of Gifts


By his letter of September 11, 2006 (DA 2169), enclosed, President Dynes delegated to me, as Chancellor, certain authorities to allocate and reallocate gifts, granted to the President under Sections 100.4 (s) and 100.4(t) of the Standing Orders of The Regents, and encompassing gifts and bequests to The Regents and to the Campus Foundation.  The delegation stipulates that allocations and reallocations are to be carried out consistent with the Administrative Guidelines for Allocation, Reallocation and Administration of Gifts and Bequests Received by The Regents and the Campus Foundations, which also are enclosed.


Within your jurisdiction as Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, for gifts within your acceptance authority of up to $1,000,000, you are authorized:


  1. To designate, in accordance with the terms specified by the donor, the purpose for which a gift shall be used and whether income and/or principal shall be used, and to make allocations and reallocations in accordance therewith; and


  1. To determine, to the extent not specified by the donor, the purpose for which a gift of not more than $1,000,000 shall be used and whether income and/or principal shall be used and to make allocations and reallocations in accordance therewith.


This redelegation supersedes my previous redelegation to you on the same subject dated September 27, 2006, and correctly references your acceptance authorization limit as up to, but not including, $1,000,000.  It is effective immediately and may not be further redelegated.


I, as Chancellor, will retain the same authority for gifts of not more than $5,000,000 and will comply with the additional requirements stipulated in DA 2169 respecting allocation and reallocation of gifts in excess of $5,000,000.


It is understood that redelegations (a) and (b) above include the authority to allocate or reallocate the type of fund, when permissible under the terms of the gift.  Any action taken pursuant to redelegations (a) and (b) above shall conform to established University programs and policies and shall not constitute a commitment requiring expenditures in excess of budgeted items.  Under these redelegations, any reallocation of a true endowment shall be made after consultation with General Counsel.


When a gift is designated for use for more than one campus or when the campus is not specified by the donor, then the President or The Regents, within their respective authorities, shall determine the allocation or reallocation thereof, following appropriate consultation with Chancellors.


For purposes of this delegation, the term “gift” includes outright gifts, pledges, and bequests, but excludes grants from private sources as defined in the guidelines for review of gifts/grants for research dated July 8, 1980.  For purposes of original allocation, the dollar amount of a gift shall be the amount of cash or shall be equivalent to the fair market value of property received or pledged.  For purposes of reallocation, the dollar amount of the gift shall be the current fair market value of the original gift as reported by Corporate Accounting, Office of the President, or the Campus Foundation.



J. Michael Bishop, M.D.


Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor

University Professor




cc:   Executive Vice President Bruce Darling (UCOP)

        Vice President and General Counsel of The Regents Charles Robinson (UCOP)

        Senior Vice Chancellor Spaulding (w/o enclosures)

        Director June Smith (UCOP)

        Coordinator Capell (UCOP)