UCSF Redelegation 2130

UCSF Redelegation: 2130

July 2, 2002

Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance

Delegation of Authority—Revolving Fund Withdrawals

Standing Orders of The Regents 100.4 (pp) states:

The President shall be the representative of the Corporation in, and is authorized to execute agreements in connection with, all matters relating to bank accounts and bank services; banking relationships; financial and banking type services provided by entities other than banks, including but not limited to, the following...

*    *    *

3. The President is authorized to designate representatives of the University who may sign checks, drafts or other orders for the payment of money or initiate electronic transfers of funds against University checking accounts, provided that all such representatives are covered by fidelity bond. The President is authorized to approve the use of and to direct banks or other depositories to honor facsimile signatures.

In his letter of June 3, 2002 (DA 2130), copy enclosed, the President delegated to the Chancellors and Laboratory Directors the authority to recommend such representatives to the the President.

Effective immediately, I hereby redelegate to you the authority described in Standing Order 100.4 (pp) and 100.4 (pp) 3, and in that letter.

The authority provided by this redelegation is broad and should be exercised with discretion. It may not be further redelegated.


J. Michael Bishop, M.D.

University Professor


Senior Vice President—Business and Finance
Special Assistant—Coordination & Review
General Counsel and Vice President for Legal Affairs