Environmental Health and Safety Permits (retired)


UCSF is required to ensure that permits, registrations, and licenses are obtained and renewed, and to ensure that pertinent documentation is maintained. This policy delineates the responsibilities delegated to the Office of Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) for compliance with regulations.

A. EH&S shall obtain and renew all permits, registrations and licenses, respond to regulatory inquiries, serve as repository for pertinent documents, and pay all associated fees.

B. EH&S shall maintain original copies of permits, registrations, and licenses and shall provide copies to department and UCSF entities as specified by regulation or operating procedures. Departments and other UCSF entities shall provide necessary information to EH&S when requested.

C. UCSF must obtain environmental health and safety permits with regard to the following items: asbestos; biological/infectious waste; explosives; PCBs; chemical waste; vehicles (hazardous materials transport); underground storage tanks; carcinogens; incinerator; radioactive waste; radioactive materials; radiation producing machines; air quality ("hot spots"); and hazardous material inventory (Business Plan).

Contact Office of Origin (see above) with any questions.