Environmental Health and Safety Compliance (retired)


This policy ensures that all campus-controlled facilities and medical centers are in compliance with adopted environmental health and safety regulations and compliance standards as developed by campus and hospital safety committees and/or the Office of Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S). 

A. Inspections are to be performed at least annually (more frequently if required by regulations); inspection reports and corrective action documentation must be maintained for legally required recordkeeping. EH&S shall review all reports involving injury or illness and determine if investigation is required.

B. Compliance recommendations must be addressed within 15 days of the date of the inspection or sooner if imminent danger exists.

C. Resolution of a compliance issue is first addressed by a supervisor, then referred to the department head and EH&S, then to the appropriate safety committee (Biosafety, Chemical Safety, Radiation Safety, Radioactive Drug Research, Environment of Care) and may be referred to the UCSF Safety Committees and the Chancellor.