Environmental Health and Safety Management (retired)


In compliance with applicable regulations, this policy delineates responsibilities with regard to environmental health and safety management.

Environmental Health and Safety Management

Includes programs in biological safety, chemical safety, radiation safety, environmental protection, disaster preparedness, fire protection, hazardous waste, industrial hygiene, safety and accident prevention, and sanitation.

A. UCSF operations shall be conducted in compliance with applicable regulations and, when appropriate, with accepted environmental health and safety standards which promote comprehensive programs for injury and illness prevention, hazardous materials, and environmental safety.

B. The Office of Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) will provide consultation, training, and services that conform to campus and Medical Center regulations and standards.

A. The development of policy is the joint responsibility of EH&S and the following faculty committees: Biosafety, Chemical Safety, Radiation Safety, Radioactive Drug Research, and Environment of Care Committee.

B. The Chancellor is responsible for the establishment and implementation of environmental health and safety policy at all facilities under campus and Medical Center control. Appropriate vice chancellors, directors of medical centers, deans, chairs, laboratory directors, department managers, principal investigators, supervisors, and EH&S personnel are jointly and cooperatively responsible for the implementation, monitoring, and enforcement of these policies.

C. In the event of imminent danger to life or health, the EH&S Executive Director or other more senior UCSF management have the authority to order the immediate cessation of hazardous activities until the danger is abated or adequate measures are taken to minimize risk to campus personnel, students, and the public.

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