Communication with Government Officials and Agencies


This policy, which applies to all UCSF faculty, staff, and students, was adopted to ensure consistent, accurate, and timely communication with government officials and agencies.

This policy does not apply to principal investigators working directly with federal agencies on contracts and grants.

A. Responses to information requests, legislation, or policies at the local, state, or federal levels (including relevant commissions, elected and appointed bodies, and staff of the respective agencies) shall be coordinated through the Office of Community & Government Relations.

B. Invitations extended to local, state, or federal governmental officials (elected) to visit the campus shall be coordinated through Community & Government Relations. Members of the campus community who meet with the above referenced officials in an official UCSF capacity should coordinate their activities with Community & Government Relations.

C. Departments that find it necessary to communicate directly with governmental agencies or officials as a normal course of business must keep Community & Government Relations informed.

D. UCSF letterhead may not be used to communicate positions that members of the campus community may have on issues, legislation, or other proposals, unless that position is an approved campus and/or Regents' position. In such cases, copies of this communication shall be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor, Community & Government Relations.

A. Responsibility for communication with government officials and agencies is under the purview of the Vice Chancellor, Community & Government Relations.

B. The Offices of the President and The Regents are responsible for determining official positions on state and federal legislation.

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