Press and Media Relations


In order to ensure consistent and accurate communication with the media, a single administrative department is delegated authority by the Chancellor to coordinate, maximize, and facilitate all interactions with press and/or other news media and commercial entities.

All inquiries from the press and other media, as well as requests to film or photograph from drug companies, educational organizations, advertising agencies, film, television and other commercial entities should be referred to News and Public Information Services. This includes inquiries about research, teaching, clinical findings, patient care as well as inquiries about individual faculty, house staff, students, staff, and patients.

A. News and Public Information Services is responsible for publicity about research and clinical findings, professional activities, presentations at scientific meetings or publications in scientific journals, announcement of patents and licenses for commercial use, and campus events.

B. The Director--News and Public Information Services is responsible for determining the publicity value of a story as well as the form, method, time, and sources of distribution of the publicity.

UCSF Press Code, News and Public Information Services, 6/78