Use of Campus Public Spaces and Special Use Areas


This policy provides criteria for the use of campus open space and special use areas by eligible organizations.

  1. Campus open spaces and special use areas are under the jurisdiction of Student Relations, which must approve use of such spaces.
  2. Tables may be used in certain campus open spaces and special use areas with the prior approval of the Director--Student Relations, who may deny or condition the request so as not to impede the free flow of traffic or obstruct entrances to buildings.
  3. Campus open spaces and special use areas may be used to exercise speech and assembly rights in accordance with time, place, and manner regulations.
  4. Any literature distributed must be noncommercial and free of charge except for reasonable costs to recover the costs of production.
  5. Distribution of literature may not occur in such a way as to impede traffic flow or obstruct entrances to buildings, or harass passers-by.
  6. Organizations must have permission of Student Relations to sponsor bake sales or other sales.
  7. Non-University organizations shall be eligible to use such properties only upon invitation of a registered campus organization or University unit and may not engage in collection of funds on campus other than to recover production costs of distributed noncommercial literature.

Contact Office of Origin (see above) with any questions or visit the Office of Student Relations website