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Title Reviewed Responsible Office
050-10 UCSF Administrative Organizational Charts (PDF)
050-11 Personal Use of University Property
050-12 Letterhead Stationery
050-13 Use of University Name, Seal, Logo and Brand Identity
050-14 Use of Campus Public Spaces and Special Use Areas
050-15 Press and Media Relations
050-16 Communication with Government Officials and Agencies
050-17 Communication with Community Organizations
050-18 Subpoena
050-19 Records Management and Retention
050-20 University Archives
050-21 Access to University Records
050-22 Display of Flags
050-23 Police Department
050-26 Freedom of Speech
100-10 Affiliation Agreements
100-11 Health Sciences Compensation Plan
100-12 Library
100-14 Endowed Chairs and Professorships
100-15 International Students and Scholars
100-16 Research Involving Human Subjects
100-17 Research and Instruction Using Animal Subjects
100-19 Ordering Animals for Research
100-20 Housing of Animals for Research
100-21 Chemical Safety (under revision)
100-22 Radioactive Drug Research
100-23 Radiation Safety
100-24 Biosafety
100-25 Patents
100-29 Integrity of Research
100-30 Continuing Education Programs
100-31 VAMC, Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignment Agreements (IPAs)
100-32 Agreements with Outside Agencies for Faculty Assignments
100-33 Disclosure of Financial Interests & Management of Conflicts of Interests, Private Sponsors of Research
100-34 Disclosure of Financial Interests & Management of Conflicts of Interests, Public Health Service (PHS) Research Awards
100-35 Disclosure of Financial Interests & Management of Conflicts of Interests, Non-Public Health Service (Non-PHS) Research Awards
100-36 Clinical Trials Registration & Reporting
150-10 Conflict of Interest
150-11 Substance Abuse in the Workplace
150-12 Affirmative Action/Nondiscrimination in Employment
150-13 Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence
150-15 Reporting of Employee Deaths
150-16 Credit Union
150-17 Identification Cards
150-18 Critical Position Background Checks
150-19 Nondiscrimination Regarding Language Spoken in Workplace
150-21 Registered Campus Organizations
150-22 DMV Employer Pull Notice Program Participation
150-23 Reporting Improper Governmental Activities and Protection Against Retaliation (Whistleblower Policy & Whistleblower Protection Policy)
150-24 Workers' Compensation
150-25 UCSF Fitness & Recreation Centers
150-26 Employee Disability/Rehabilitation
150-27 Violence in the Work Place
150-28 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Barrier Removal
150-29 Sexual Violence Policy
150-30 UCSF Industry Relations Policy
200-11 Equipment Management (retired)
200-14 Property Loss/Damage and Bodily Injury
200-15 Mail Services
200-16 Notaries Public
200-17 Parking
200-18 Purchasing (retired)
200-19 Receiving and Distribution
200-20 Reprographics and Quick Copy
200-21 Publications
200-22 Sale and Service of Alcoholic Beverages (retired)
200-23 Storage of University Property
200-24 Logistics
200-25 Capital Asset Surplus
200-26 Transportation
200-27 Use of University and State Vehicles
200-28 HIPAA Business Associates
200-29 Identity Theft Prevention and Response Policy
200-30 Privacy Investigation Policy
200-31 Alcohol Policy
200-32 Workforce Sanctions for Patient Privacy Violations
250-11 Sales & Service Center(s) Recharges, External Sales & Services of Education Related Activities, & Common Cost Allocations
250-12 Deficit Monitoring and Resolution
300-11 Accounts Receivable
300-12 Agency Funds
300-13 Signature Authorization (retired)
300-14 Cashiering
300-15 Change Funds
300-16 Check Cashing
300-17 Departmental Bank Accounts
300-18 Independent Consultants (retired)
300-19 Expenditures of Extramural Funds
300-20 Effort Reporting of Federally Sponsored Projects
300-22 Cost Transfers (Expenditure Adjustments)
300-23 Contribution and Donations
300-24 Disbursements (retired)
300-25 Entertainment and Meeting Expense (retired)
300-26 Fiscal Closing
300-27 General Ledger
300-29 Honoraria
300-30 Dues and Membership Fees (retired)
300-31 Payroll
300-32 Petty Cash Funds
300-34 Special Cash Funds
300-35 Campus Short Term Investment Pool (STIP) Distribution
300-36 Sundry Debtors (retired)
300-37 General University Travel (retired)
300-38 Travel Reimbursement and Per Diem Rates (retired)
300-39 Intercampus Travel (retired)
300-40 Academic Senate Funded Travel
300-41 Advance Payments for Vendors
300-42 Financial Systems Access for Affiliates
300-43 Travel & Meeting/Entertainment
300-44 Petty Cash and Change Funds
300-45 Fiscal Close
300-46 General Ledger Verification
300-47 Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program Repayment
350-11 External Audits and Agency Reviews
350-12 Internal Controls
400-10 Academic, Legal and Financial Policies of Contracts and Grants
400-11 Eligibility to Submit Proposals for Extramural Funds (PI Status)
400-12 Contract and Grant Solicitation and Acceptance or Execution
400-16 Award Acceptance and Execution of Contracts and Grants
400-17 Cost Sharing
400-18 Program Income for Extramural Funds
450-10 Authority to Solicit Gifts and Private Gifts
450-11 Acceptance and Acknowledgement of Gifts and Private Grants
450-12 Reporting of Gifts and Private Grants
450-13 Fundraising Campaigns
450-14 Levels of Endowments (under revision)
450-15 Acceptance of Works of Art and Objects for Campus Beautification
450-16 Fundraising Events
450-17 Allocation, Reallocation and Administration of Gifts and Bequests
500-10 University Support Groups
500-11 UCSF Foundation
550-10 Smoke-Free Workplace
550-11 Environmental Health and Safety Management
550-12 Environmental Health and Safety Purchasing Standards
550-13 Environmental Health and Safety Compliance
550-14 Environmental Health and Safety Permits
550-15 Environmental Health and Safety Training
550-16 Communication with Environmental Health and Safety Regulatory Agencies
550-17 Employee Health Services
550-19 Personal Pets in UCSF Facilities
550-20 UCSF Communicable Disease Surveilance and Vaccination Policy
550-21 UCSF Campus Communicable Disease Exposure Follow-up
550-22 Tobacco-Free at Work
550-23 Emergency Management
600-10 Architectural and Engineering Services
600-11 Construction Contracts
600-12 Energy Conservation
600-13 Key Control
600-15 Construction/Renovation Project Planning
600-16 Reservation of Classroom Space
600-17 Reservation of Conference and Meeting Space
600-18 Building Maintenance
600-19 Space Leases and Purchases
600-20 Signs
600-21 Naming of University Properties, Programs and Facilities
600-22 Access to Building Mechanical Rooms and Electrical Vaults
600-23 Utilities
600-24 Space Governance and Principles
650-10 Identity and Location Management System
650-12 Campus Cabling
650-13 Single Protocol Network Backbone
650-14 Network Gateway Policy
650-15 Population Definition
650-16 Information Security and Confidentiality
650-17 Multicasting for Distribution of Video/Audio via the UCSF Intranet, Commodity Internet and Internet2
650-18 Authorized and Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources
650-19 UCSF Network Security Monitoring