Approval & Publication Process

This information is for parties responsible for maintaining, promulgating and enforcing policies how, and why, the policy program is designed the way it is. This also guides revision, promulgation or retirement of policies.

1. Policy Development Worksheet and First Policy Draft

The Policy Development Worksheet is intended to provide the EVCP Office with an overview of what the purpose of the action being taken is, what changes are being made, and any other critical preliminary information.

The head of the Responsible Office (Usually the Department Chair) must endorse the worksheet before it is submitted to the EVCP Office.

2. First EVCP Review

The first EVCP Review serves two purposes: 1) to review the completed Policy Development Worksheet; and 2) to provide cursory and preliminary review of the policy itself.

In reviewing the Worksheet, the EVCP Office will be in a better position to evaluate what other offices may need to be specifically informed of the policy changes. This includes the Office of the General Counsel, if the action is being taken due to a change in federal or state laws or regulations.

The review of the policy itself is meant as a cursory review, to ensure the policy follows the UCSF Policy Template and Guidelines for policy development. This includes limiting the policy to policy language only, and excluding procedure and guidelines from the policy.

3. Notice of Proposed Change and Circulation for Comment

After EVCP Review, the policy is posted for comments, and affected parties opinions are solicited and comments encouraged. After 30 days have passed, the comments are collected and reviewed by the Office of Origin. The Office of Origin then implements or chooses to disregard the comments, and creates a final policy draft.

4. Re-Submission to EVCP Office

After the commenting period ends, the final policy is re-submitted to the EVCP office with any modifications based on the commentary. The EVCP Office provides another cursory review, similar to 2.

5. Publication

Once Reviewed, all the review documents are filed in the EVCP Records office (Both policy Drafts, and the Policy Worksheet).

The EVCP Office then approves the policy, which is published to the UCSF Campus Administrative Policy Website, and an email is distributed to all necessary parties informing them of the official change.