Construction Contracts


This policy delineates the appropriate method for initiating construction contracts and defines who has the authority to enter into such agreements.

A. This policy applies to any leased or University-owned space occupied by UCSF in which University funds are expended.

B. Facilities Management is the designated campuswide department with authority to review and approve all construction proposals.

C. After consultation with the requesting department, Facilities Management determines whether to use campus resources or outside contractors to accomplish the construction.

D. Administrators within Facilities Management are the only officials who have been delegated authority by the Chancellor to enter into construction contracts on behalf of the University.

E. State law and Regents' policy prohibit the use of maintenance and operation of physical plant funds for any capital improvements.

A. It is the responsibility of faculty and staff to refer all requests for construction services to Facilities Management for analysis and approval.

B. It is Facility Management's responsibility to consult with the client department to develop a construction package which will meet the client's needs in a cost effective and timely manner.