Surplus Equipment and Supplies


This policy outlines the rules governing the disposal of surplus equipment and supplies. 

Inventorial Equipment

Free-standing items with a useful life of two or more years and an original purchase price of $5000 or more.


Equipment and supplies that a campus department has determined to be no longer of use.

A. Disposal of equipment and useable supply items must be handled through Distribution, Storage, & Mail.

B. Inventorial equipment must be held at Distribution & Storage for 30 days to accommodate departments that may wish to purchase the item. Thereafter, the item may be sold via competitive bid, public auction, or public display in whatever manner promises the best return to the University.

C. University property may not be given or sold to particular employees or students in a manner that gives them preference over other employees, students, or the public at large. Such employees or students must purchase items on the same basis as all other interested parties and in accordance with the methods administered by Distribution, Storage, & Mail.

D. Provided that clear title of ownership exists, donations of equipment or supplies of nominal value may be made to public and non-profit organizations upon recommendation by the appropriate dean or vice chancellor. Such donations must be authorized by both the Distribution, Storage, & Mail Director and the Associate Vice Chancellor of Procurement. The Office of Public Service Programs certifies the eligibility of non-profit organizations to receive donations.

E. Proceeds from the sale of surplus items will be returned to the appropriate department after deduction of approved processing charges.

Contact the Distribution, Storage & Mail unit with any questions. 

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