Equipment Management


This policy delineates departmental responsibilities for managing University equipment.

Campus Equipment Manager

Manager of the Accounting Office.


Employee responsible for controlling and safeguarding the petty cash fund and for ensuring that appropriate documentation is retained on each petty cash transaction and fund reimbursement (in addition to the departmental manager). Fund custodians must be so registered with the Controller’s Office, have fingerprint and background clearance conducted by the UCSF Police Department and be approved by their department head.

Custody Code

A four-digit code established to identify individual custodians or equipment coordinators within the campus community.

Equipment Coordinator

The custodian's designate who performs administrative functions required for the management of University equipment.

Inventorial Equipment

Free-standing items with a useful life of two or more years and an original purchase price of $5000 or more.

A. Equipment items obtained through the purchasing system are automatically entered into the equipment management system. The department is responsible for advising Accounting--Capital Asset Management of inventorial equipment obtained through any other source.

B. Changes in equipment status or custodial responsibility are initiated by the submission of an Equipment Inventory Modification Request Form by the custodian.

C. A physical inventory of all items assigned to a custody code must be taken by the custodian or designate at least every two years.

D. Loans of University equipment outside the University require prior approval of both the custodian and Accounting--Capital Asset Management. Loans of equipment to the University must be coordinated with both the offices of Accounting--Capitalized Asset Management and Business, Administrative, and Risk Management Services.

Contact Responsible Office (see above) with any questions.