Use of University Name, Seal, and Logo


This policy provides guidelines for the use of the University name, seal, and UCSF logo. Note: This policy is under revision (June 2017).


The graphic symbol for institutional identity specific to the UCSF campus.

University Seal

Engraved seal designed for official use as designated by The Regents and the President of the University of California.

A. The name "University of California" is the property of the State of California. No person or entity may, without the permission of The Regents, use this name or any abbreviation of it.

B. The official seal of The Regents is used on University diplomas, letterhead, and other corporate materials as authorized by the Secretary of The Regents.

C. The Chancellor is delegated, within the Chancellor's areas of jurisdiction, authority to permit use of the unofficial seal as a symbol of the University for any official purpose.

D. The Chancellor is delegated authority to permit use of the name "University of California, San Francisco" for any official purpose.

E. The UCSF logo may be used alone as a watermark or as a signature that combines the logo with logotype to form the distinctive typographical arrangement of the name of the institution. Additionally, the tagline "advancing health worldwideTM" has been adopted for use in association with the UCSF name and logo. (Logotype is Helvetica Neue Roman and may not be changed.)

The UCSF Office of Strategic Communications and University Relations has full and final authority over how the name "University of California, San Francisco," UCSF logo, UCSF signatures (including those associated with its major sub-brands), and tagline may be used, and by whom.