Delegations of Authority

45 8/15/63 Implementation of Compulsory Health Insurance Program for Foreign Students and Staff (Partially Superseded by DA 0447, January 9, 1974) None
115 5/10/66 Reimbursement for Meals in Connection with Overtime None
124 10/10/66 Authority to Sign Documents in Connection with Use of Alcohol None
131 11/23/66 Licenses for Radioactive Materials None
184 4/26/68 Removal Expenses (Exceptions) None
225 6/5/69 Authority to Return Gifts None
252 2/2/70 Exception to Indirect Costs on California State Agreements None
303 7/14/71 Authority to Adopt Traffic Regulations None
342 6/5/72 Payroll Deductions for Charitable Contributions None
349 6/29/72 Health Service Fees for Summer Session Students None
378 8/14/72 Registration and Acquisition of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs None
409 4/4/73 Deferral of Payment of University Registration Fee for Teaching Assistants None
415 5/18/73 Found and Unclaimed Property None
426 7/6/73 Effective Date of Student's Withdrawal from the University, Exception to Policy None
447 1/9/74 Minimum Benefit Criteria for Health Insurance Coverage of Foreign Students (Partially Supersedes DA 0045, August 15, 1963) None
483 10/18/74 Release of University Surplus Property (See also BFB A-51) None
484 10/28/74 Fresno-San Joaquin Valley Medical Education Program 10/31/74; Dean, School of Medicine
499 3/14/75 Guidelines Governing Summer Sessions Operations None
554 1/10/77 University Approval of Liquor Licenses for Campus Facilities None
606 4/17/78 Approval of Siting of Individual Buildings or Projects None
620 2/6/79 Travel Expenses for Regents' Professors and Lecturers None
644 2/22/80 Conferral of Degrees in Course None
666 4/14/80 Expenditures Against Firm Commitments Under Contracts and Grants None
693 4/7/81 Solicitation and Acceptance or Execution of Extramural Grants and Contracts for Construction of Facilities None
707 8/3/81 To Make Applications for Allocation of Electric Power from Federal Power Systems None
708 8/13/81 Approval to Set Educational Placement Fees None
734 6/24/82 Duplicate Diplomas and Fees None
739 9/3/82 Exceptions to Term of Service for Appointees in the Visiting Postdoctoral Title 9/10/82; Dean, Graduate Division
777 3/25/83 Policy Regarding Employee-Vendor Relationships 10/22/80; Senior Vice Chancellor
782 4/8/83 To File Actions in Small Claims Courts None
829 12/4/84 Commitments and Expenditures Against the Following Year's Departmental Budget None
850 12/20/84 Dismissal of Academic Deans and Provosts None
856 1/14/85 Agreements Pertaining to Purchase of Utilities Commodities and Services None
860 2/21/85 Release of Information from Closed Sessions of Regents' Meetings None
864 5/3/85 Policy to Permit Use of the University's Name None
865 5/3/85 Policy to Permit Use of the Unofficial Seal None
881 9/16/85 Salary Advances to Newly Employed Aliens None
882 10/2/85 Approval of Individual Exceptions Regarding Premium Overtime None
886 10/2/85 Exceptions to Staff Personnel Policy 305.33 and 305.34, Salary Adjustment Upon Demotion or Downward Reclassification None
916 12/8/86 To Execute Certain Affiliation Agreements with Other Institutions or Hospitals 4/8/98; Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs; Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance; Vice Chancellor, University Advancement and Planning; Assistant Vice Chancellor, University Relations
964 3/30/88 Scheduling Holidays None
1002 8/17/89 Approval of Appointments Beyond the Applicable Retirement Age and Limitation on Compensation Upon Appointment Following Retirement None
1040 11/19/90 Bonding Requirements for Construction Contracts None
1058 12/30/91 Execution of Agreements None
1064 3/31/92 Third-Party Agreements, University Vanpool Programs None
1072 9/25/92 To Approve Conferral of Emeritus Status Upon Retirement on Academic Appointees Who Are Not Members of the Academic Senate None
1084 6/1/93 Compensation for Administrative and Professional Staff (A&PS) Personnel Health Care Titles None
1095 7/30/93 Use of Commercial Credit Cards None
1097 8/18/93 Claims Against Debtors in Bankruptcy and Against Estates None
2002 10/14/93 Policy on Naming University Properties, Programs, and Facilities None
2007 12/22/93 To Write Off Bad Debts None
2010 3/3/94 National Institutes of Health Grant, San Francisco Campus (Bay Area Women's HIV Study) None
2011 3/23/94 To Solicit and Accept Gifts 8/13/98; Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs; Vice Chancellor, University Advancement and Placement; Assistant Vice Chancellor, Development and Alumni Relations/UCSF Foundation; Director, Planned Giving; Executive Director, Financial Services and Administration; Manager, Gift Administration
2016 4/5/94 Administration of University of California Housing Facilities None
2018 5/26/94 To Approve and Conduct Fundraising Campaigns None
2027 10/26/94 Authorization to Implement Revised University of California Relocation Regulations None
2036 3/10/95 To Solicit and Accept or Execute Certain Extramural Grants and Contracts (Includes State of California Standard Agreements) 9/6/96; Executive Vice Chancellor; Director, Office of Sponsored Research; Associate Director, Contracts and Grants; Assistant Director, Industry Contacts; Designated Contracts and Grants Officers; Designated Research Services Administrators
2053 1/19/96 Liability Statement, Transportation Research Board/National Research Council None
2055 3/28/96 Declaration of Official Intent to Reimburse Capital Expenditures from Proceeds of Indebtedness 4/18/96; Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance; Formerly delegated to Director and Associate Director, Medical Center
2068 7/29/96 Uniform Replacement Allowances (Staff Policy 35) None
2069 7/29/96 Exceptions to Staff Policy 51, Reduced Fee Enrollments None
2070 7/29/96 Exceptions to Staff Policy 30.L, Restrictions (Additional Compensation) None
2071 7/29/96 Exceptions to Staff Policy 32.C, Compensation for Overtime None
2073 8/1/96 Exceptions to Staff Policy 40.D.2, Compensation for Holiday Work None
2074 8/1/96 Ancillary Pay Practices None
2075 8/1/96 Classification Authority for Professional/Support Staff Positions and Manager/Senior Professional Positions None
2076 8/1/96 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Exemption Status None
2085 6/12/97 Establishment of Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program None
2087 9/15/97 Appointments, Promotions, Dismissals, and Compensation of Certain Staff Personnel None
2096 2/17/98 Execution of Certifications of Application for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) None
2098 5/20/98 To Approve Exceptions to the Eligibility Requirements Under the Salary Differential Housing Allowance Program None
2100 6/11/98 Execution of Purchase Contracts, Subcontracts, and Standard Purchase Orders for Materials, Goods, and Services to be Supplied to the University 7/22/02; Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
2106 12/2/98 To Enter into Written Agreements with Local Law Enforcement Agencies Consistent with California Education Code Section 67381 (Guidelines Issued on December 8, 1998 Attached) None
2107 2/24/99 Approval of Waiver of Subrogation Rights, National Aeronautic and Space Administration None
2109 3/5/99 To Approve Conferral of Emeritus Status on Non-Academic Personnel None
2112 6/18/99 To Designate Holders of Presidential Chairs None
2113 2/14/00

Appointment and Compensation of Certain Senior Managers (Effective March 1, 2000)

2115 4/4/00 Control Over Miscellaneous Student Fees, Service Charges, and Deposits None
2117 4/5/00 Negotiation, Approval, and Execution of Real Property Easements and Rights of Way 5/11/00; Vice Chancellor, University Advancement and Planning; Assistant Vice Chancellor, University Relations
2118 4/5/00 Negotiation, Approval, and Execution of Licenses for Use of Real Property 5/11/00; Vice Chancellor, University Advancement and Planning; Assistant Vice Chancellor, University Relations
2128 5/1/02 A Sponsored Research Project Entitled Immune Tolerance Network, San Francisco Campus None
2130 6/3/02 Revolving Fund Withdrawals 7/2/02; Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
2140 11/3/03 Negotiation, Approval, and Execution of Campus-Related real Property Rental Agreements None
2146 2/27/04 Preventing HIV by Protecting the Cervix: Re-Examining of Diaphragm—An Inexpensive, Widely-Available, Woman-Controlled Physical Barrier of the Cervix, San Francisco Campus None
2150 12/1/04 To Approve Certain Faculty Salaries Beyond the Regental Salary Threshold None
2153 8/15/05 California Poison Control System, San Francisco Campus None
2157 3/22/06 Transfers of Funds for Minor Capital Improvement Projects 4/19/06; Senior Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration; Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance
2158 3/22/06 Amendment to the Capital Improvement Program for Non-State-Funded Minor Capital Improvement Projects None
2159 3/22/06 Amendment to the Capital Improvement Program for Non-State-Funded Major Capital Improvement Projects with a Total Project Cost Not to Exceed $5,000,000 None
2162 4/20/06 Approval of Licenses, Easements, and Rights-of-Way None
2166 9/6/06 Medical Consultation Network Program, San Francisco Campus None
2169 9/11/06 Allocation and Reallocation of Gifts 10/22/07; Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
2173 11/13/06 Construction Contracts None
2174 11/13/06 Best Value Selection Pilot Program None
2178 1/29/07 Clinical and Translational Science Institute, San Francisco Campus 5/16/07; Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
2195 1/7/08 To Write Off Disallowed Sponsored Project Charges None
2196 1/24/08 To Write Off Bad Debts 6/26/08; Senior Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration; Chief Executive Officer, Medical Center
2203 6/4/08 Compensation Contracts for Coaches None
2206 7/2/08 Gifts to an Agency Approval and Reporting Requirements 8/25/08; Senior Vice Chancellor, University Advancement and Planning


12/2/08 To Approve Settlements of Claims and Separations Agreements with a Value of $100,000 or Less None
2574 2/28/13 Authority to Approve Amendments to the Capital Improvement Program and Make Transfers of Funds None
2575 2/28/08 Authority to Approve Project Design None